Free At-Home Scavenger Hunt

When you are looking to pass the time at-home, coming up with unique activities can be a challenge for anyone who doesn’t feel they have the best creative bones in their body. Scavenger hunts are easy ways to add some intrigue, excitement and fun without breaking the bank.

Items Required

To create the scavenger hunt, gather the following items:

  • Paper, index cards, post-it notes or something to write the clues on.
  • Pen
  • A prize, trinket, dessert or something to put at the end of the hunt

Yep. That’s it!

Setup & Directions

  1. Determine the desired length of the scavenger hunt.
  2. Review the clue destinations below and select the ones that best fit your home or environment.
  3. Hand-write (or print out) each selected clue on a separate piece of paper, index card, post-it note.
  4. Create a separate, master list of all the destinations and number them so you can keep track of progress and give clues should the scavengers get stumped
  5. Set aside the clue for destination #1.
  6. Hide clue #2 in destination #1. Hide clue #3 in destination #2. Hide clue #4 in destination #3. And so on and so forth. In the final destination, include a “CONGRATULATIONS” note or prize to signal the end of the scavenger hunt.

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I hope you are ready
I got you a gift
And made you a game
You’ll need to be swift

You’ll start on a hunt
and go clue to clue
Begin with the place
You go #2.


I’m glad to see
You decided to wipe
Tell your friends later
When you see them on Skype

You’re sure to get hungry
You may need a snack
Go find your favorite
And look on the back


Now that your fed
It’s time to work
To watch your face
I’m going to smirk

To win at the hunt
Can sometimes take luck
It also costs time
Do you have a buck?


You’re getting close
But starting to tire
You never give up
For that I admire

Lay in your bed
You’ll soon be winning
Though, you’re not tired
Is the room spinning?


No time to rest
There’s more clues to find
You’re doing quite well
It’s your time to shine

So we keep going
’cause we’re having fun
You walk and you search
Is it time for a run?

• • CLUE 6: MIRROR • •

As you can tell
This hunt took some time
Especially forming
each clue to rhyme

To look in your eyes
They’re kind and true
Is that what you see
When you look at you?

• • CLUE 7: MAILBOX • •

I ordered your gift
When I was online
The shipping was free
It arrived just in time

This hunt’s next clue
Required a stamp
You head outside
I’ll stay in here champ

• • CLUE 8: FREEZER • •

This is the clue
You found with the bills
While you were outside
Did you get the chills?

The next clue is cold
As cold as it gets.
Frozen perhaps,
if the ice hasn’t set,

• • CLUE 9: CAR / CAR KEYS • •

It’s almost over
For that you will learn
There’s no school today
Though a prize you soon earn

Let’s getaway
We can go far
Grab the keys
And head for the car

Extra / Backup Clues


Bubble bubble
toil and trouble
This clue fits
Find it on the double

It’s how we clean clothes
After playing in dirt
Will it be tucked within
A sock, towel or shirt


It’s not time for dinner
Or breakfast or lunch
Or funnier meals
Like “linner” or “brunch”

But when it is
The right time to eat
Instead of sitting down
Look under your seat

• • CLUE 12: SOCK DRAWER • •

Roses are red
Violets are blue
This isn’t a poem
It’s just one more clue

What comes as a pair
And goes on your feet
Worn inside shoes
And stored here so neat

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