Guided-Audio Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Rooms

Using the help of the internet, 60 Minute Missions is offering audio escape rooms to respond to the demand for creative stay-at-home entertainment. Our gamemasters are available for scheduling an audio adventure for the ears and mind. These audio adventures are recommended for teams of 2 to 4 people and cost a flat rate of $50 per session. Bookings are made per team, so select 1 person when making the booking.


Game play is a little like a tabletop role-playing game, a little like a text-based adventure game, and a lot like a real escape room. Games should last approximately an hour, or until the team is complete.

Once scheduled, the gamemaster will distribute a link for a Google Hangout or Zoom screen share and audio dial in to the email address used for booking. The screen share is very helpful as some puzzles are best shown visually. Teams should join the session at the scheduled time and be ready with pen and paper to take notes and draw diagrams during game play.

Only Available Select Dates: Fri Nov 27, Sat Nov 28, Sun Dec 6, Sat Dec 12, Sun Dec 13, Thu Dec 17, Sat Dec 19, Sun Dec 20, Tue, Dec 22, and Thu Dec 24 .

$50 per session


Available Themes:

Sabotage Of Santa Audio Escape Room
Is there a War on Christmas? Someone is sabotaging Santa’s operations and as investigative reporters you want to get to the bottom this. Can you save Christmas from going haywire?
Red Carpet Rescue Audio Escape Room
Your friend works behind the scenes of the biggest movie award show. As an invited guest you’re excited to attend your first red carpet event. When your friend suspects foul play backstage, she asks you to step in and save the day …
Camp Prank Smores
Summer camp should be fun and games, but at this one there’s a prank that is setup for you to fall into. Can you spoil the pranksters plans?
As aspiring magicians you sneak backstage during intermission to meet the famed magician. But instead of a meet-and-greet, you find yourself trapped in the magicians dressing room instead of attending the second act of the show.
Ten Pin Panic
The road to the bowling championships hasn’t been easy. You’ve been neck and neck with your rival all season. When you stop in for practice before the championship match, they are waiting for you and lock you in the bowling alley. Can you escape so your dreams of being a bowling champion aren’t over before they begin?