Greensburg Scavenger Race

Greensburg Scavenger Race
July 18, 2020 • 11:00 AM START TIME

The Greensburg (GBG) Scavenger Race is a scavenger hunt and race in one – full of city exploration, mental & physical challenges and plenty of clue solving.

Get together a team of up to four people ready to take on the mission of finding clues and solving riddles that will have you traversing within and between surrounding neighborhoods. At check-in, receive your first clue to set you on your way for an afternoon adventure. The race will conclude with a celebration at a local establishment with prizes awarded to the top racers.

The following changes are in place for 2020:

  • Race stops are designed with health and safety in mind.
  • Nearly all race stops are outside or in open-air environments.
  • No race props will be shared between teams.
  • Race stops that utilize props will be prepared with sanitizer and/or wipes.
  • Entire race is designed to be completed on-foot in downtown Greensburg. No car required.

New Team Registration Closed
Call to add/remove players from teams.


Captains will receive an email on Friday, July 17 of the secret check-in location.

1. Every participant must be registered online through by Tuesday, July 14, 2020.
2. Teams may consist of 2 to 4 racers.
3. The person making the reservation will be considered the team captain and receive race updates via email.
4. Each team needs to check-in by 11:15 a.m. (15 minute after race start), or forfeit race.
5. At least one racer from each team must have a smart phone capable of taking photos/videos, scanning QR codes and an active Facebook account.
6. All racers must be at least 18 years of age.
7. All racers must be willing to sign a liability waiver during check-in.

Health and Safety:
Racers should be equipped to be able to abide by the health & safety guidelines of each race stop, which may include wearing a face covering or utilizing provided hand sanitizer.