Throw A Digital Party With Evil Apples

Evil Apples is a social, virtual card game, in the same vein as Cards Against Humanity, for adults. Because of the mature content, Evil Apples may only be downloaded by users ages 17 years and older. Evil Apples is free to download and play, but features ads and in-app purchases.

Visit to get the app for your iOS, Android or Amazon device.

Evil Apples

How To Play

Generally, there will be a topic card and you will receive answer cards to select from. Pick the one you think is the funniest answer or the one you think the judge will find funniest or most clever by dragging your selection up toward the topic card. Everyone takes a turn as judge where you will choose the best card received from the other players. If your amount of winning cards reaches 7 first, then you win. There are three different game modes:

CLASSIC – Everybody gets 7 cards and a new card is shuffled into your hand after every round. The first person to win 7 rounds first, wins!

BIZZARO – Same as CLASSIC mode except your hand will be full of topic cards and you will have to match them to an answer card.

SURVIVOR – All users are dealt 10 cards and no new cards are ever shuffled into your hand. There are no discard or wildcard options in this game mode. You may only use the cards that you receive and once you have played one, it disappears forever. The winner is whichever player has the most points when someone runs out of cards.