Santa’s Inbox

Santa's Inbox Escape Room

Scheduled for Limited Release: November 2, 2019 through early January 2020


While listening to the Christmas music on the radio, a song is interrupted with an tiny, elf voice trying to get through “Greensburg, we have a problem.” In hopes of finding some clever Christmas folks, Santa’s elves are reaching out for someone who can fix things at the North Pole – specifically at the Post Office.

You see, Gary, the elf in charge of the North Pole Post Office fell asleep on the job and awoke to find the mail chute jammed with an overflow of incoming Letters to Santa. Kids and families around the world are at risk of their messages not getting through. This is where YOU come in!

Your mission is to visit the North Pole Post Office where mail service is at a halt and ensure all of these incoming messages get through to Santa.

Theme: Holiday
Difficulty (1-10): 3
Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Team Size: Up to 6
Standard Price: $15