Photo Bomb

Photo Bomb

Congratulations! After attending a local charity event, you’ve won a group photography session with one of the area’s favorite photographers. She’s considered a famed member of the paparazzi for capturing exclusive footage from the most scandalous local happenings here in Greensburg.

Upon entering her photography studio, the door locks behind you and she is no where in sight. An FBI report flashes on the television reporting live from the courthouse – she has certainly left to photograph the event. As it turns out, winning that charity prize may have been a misfortune. The mission is to figure out the scandal before you go from being just a background character to the focal point of an alleged crime.

Theme: Photography Studio / Scandal
Difficulty (1-10): 8
Time Limit: 60 Minutes
Team Size: Up to 10 players
Standard Price: $25 per player

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