Bloodthirsty Escape Room Murrysville

It’s 4 a.m. and you are traveling along Old William Penn when your car starts to sputter so you pull over, as the only other car on the road passes you. You wave and an older woman waves back. Clearly, she couldn’t tell you were in distress.

It must be a new moon, because it’s nearly pitch black but you can see that the car that passed you turns into an apartment building just a quarter mile up the road.

Obviously in need of help, you decide that walking to that building may be your only hope of getting home before sunrise. You walk to the apartment building to see just two other cars parked out front. You press each button outside of the building door to buzz each apartment in hopes of finding the owner of the other car still awake after your walk. The light next to apartment 2D turns green, a female voice says “Hello? This security system is … broken I can’t hear you if you are talking, but I can see you are those nice folks who waved at me. I’m pretty tired, but if you’re here, I bet you need help … sure. Come on up..” Just then, the door makes a buzz and click sound and you can enter.

Grateful, you walk up the stairs and down the hallway to the door marked 2D which is partially ajar. You enter her apartment. The dining table holds a note and a teacup filled with what looks and smells to be a red raspberry tea.

You no sooner than finish reading the note and the door slams shut behind you. You convince yourself it must be the light wind coming through the open window in the hallway. Nervous, you head for the door, but it won’t budge. Who’s apartment are you in?

As you poise to pound on the door to call for help, you hesitate. The note on the table makes it clear you aren’t to wake the host. Fear comes over you and you begin to panic. What did you stumble into? Is there another way out?