Free Santa Scavenger Hunt

Free At-Home Santa Scavenger Hunt

On Christmas morning, Santa brings a super special gift that you want to make sure is opened last. Scavenger hunts are easy ways to add some extra excitement and fun without breaking the bank. Kids find them fun, given they aren’t too long. This scavenger hunt is written as Santa being the gift-giver.

Items Required

To create the scavenger hunt, gather the following items:

  • Paper, index cards, post-it notes or something to write the clues on. (Maybe wrapping paper?)
  • Pen

Yep. That’s it! Of course. it doesn’t hurt if the gift at the end is for the escape room. Valid in-person in Greensburg or Murrysville, any virtual at-home bookings or any of our future events. Buy one here.

Setup & Directions

  1. Determine the desired length of the scavenger hunt.
  2. Review the clue destinations below and select the ones that best fit your home or environment.
  3. Hand-write (or print out) each selected clue on a separate piece of paper, index card, post-it note.
  4. Create a separate, master list of all the destinations and number them so you can keep track of progress and give clues should the scavengers get stumped
  5. Set aside the initial note and clue for destination #1. These could easily go in an envelope and get placed with the Christmas tree.
  6. Hide clue #2 in destination #1. Hide clue #3 in destination #2. Hide clue #4 in destination #3. And so on and so forth. In the final destination, stash the actual gift. If you can get video of the scavenger hunt, we’d love to see it! Tag us @60MinMissions on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok so we can watch along.

Need a backup location or want to make the hunt longer? Check out other clues from our Free At-Home Quarantine Scavenger Hunt


Merry Christmas (my boy, my girl, to you – pick one)
You’ve been good this year!
I stopped by last night
With presents and cheer.

Your name was written
On my “Super Nice List.”
Did you open your presents
And think one was a miss?

There’s one more to open,
It’s special like you.
I left hints to its place
Just follow each clue.

I snuck in your room
While you were asleep.
I was ever so quiet
Not even a peep.

You dreamt of the morning
With a smile on your face.
Check out your pillow,
Look inside the case.

When I was inside
I took off my boots.
Worked up a hunger
And found me some fruits.

I knew when I left
There was more flying to do
So I found the coffee
And made myself a brew.

This hit the spot
And warmed my big tummy.
You’ve solved all my clues
And proved you’re no dummy.

Just two clues to go
And the gift will be yours.
It’s stashed with your socks.
Go check your drawers.

• • CLUE 4: TV REMOTE • •
This clue is a tough one
But you’re not a rookie.
If you need a break
Go grab a cookie.

This clue’s super hidden.
It goes with the TV.
It’s controls what you watch
And has a battery.

• • CLUE 5: CAR / GARAGE • •
I travel the world,
In my special sleigh.
But only on Christmas,
Not everyday.

So to know where your gift
Is stashed to be found,
Grab the keys and unlock
how YOU get around.

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed our missions in-person and at-home during 2020. Your support continues to drive us to produce more content and puzzles for everyone to enjoy. Have a safe and happy holidays this year.