Santa’s Grounded

Santa' s Grounded Escape Room

Scheduled for Limited Release: November 3, 2018 through early January 2019


Santa Claus has found himself in a less than jolly mood after the Grinch crashed into the central power grid of the North Pole leaving it without electricity.  With no power, Santa and his sleigh are grounded and cannot takeoff.

Luckily, when the North Pole Control Center was built many ages before, a backup generator and electrical overrides were put into place to remedy this situation – but this has never actually happened before – – – or even been tested!  The clock is ticking until Santa has to takeoff to deliver his presents across the globe.  Can you help him restore power to the North Pole and takeoff so Christmas can be celebrated across the world?

Theme: Holiday
Difficulty (1-10): 3-4
Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Team Size: Up to 6
Standard Price: $15